Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Hire a Car While Exploring Yarraville

A visit to Yarraville, Melbourne can be the most enjoyable and scenic road trips. This is the heart of Melbourne’s inner west that hosts the beautiful Art Deco cinema Sun Theatre, abundant boutiques, caf├ęs, bookstores, as well as fun community events, activities and many more things to do.  With a numerous attractions available to explore around the town and its outskirts, it is worthy to hire a car in Yarraville thus allowing you to maximize on your experience and get the best out of your trip. So, book your car and get ready to enjoy the best bits of a dynamic places of the town, just 10km away from Melbourne's CBD. Here are some of the best places to explore in Yarraville:

Hire Car in Yarraville

Enjoy a Weekend

Your weekend can be precious here. As start of the weekend morning, you can visit the Yarraville Gardens that best for family outing. There is awesome playground for littlies right through to bigger kids. And if you are there on the 4th Saturday of the month, you can pick up freshly-baked goods or locally-sourced fruit and vegetables while enjoying fresh air and peaceful surrounding garden. Do not forget to enjoy British breakfast at  Cobb Lane’s and Latin-influenced offerings at Lady Moustache. Moreover, you can engage your literary brain at the Sun Bookshop.

Around the Sun

Your trip would not be complete without the visit of the jewel in Yarraville’s crown - the historic Art Deco Sun Theatre. It opened in 1938 and now it is a modern-day icon of Melbourne's film community with 8 boutique cinemas where you can enjoy the latest mainstream and art house releases.

A Great Night Out

While the sun comes down, there is quite something for everyone to do at night. The town's bars and pubs livens up with dizzy neon lights, great music, cocktails and the performance of a big name artist into the night. All theses really create the perfect ambiance you would wish for.

Awesome Festival Fun

The Yarraville Festival (occur in early February) is the best thing for whole family entertaining day out. No entry charge. Along with a wide array of family activities, the festival will also feature over 70 market stalls of craft, fashion, vintage, food and more. Furthermore, you can take pleasure of music, film, comedy, performance art plus the neighborhoods' finest food.

How to Reach

Get around town by car is just about 15 minutes away from the Melbourne  CBD via the West Gate Freeway. So, there is no any excuse to miss this gem of the west when you come at Melbourne. 

Whatever you consider, Yarraville is the best destinations that give you lifetime memories. The blend of rich mix of attractions keep everyone entertained. If you are planning to get there and want to let your travel at your own pace and time, then you need to Hire a Car in Yarraville. We at Aucar offer a variety of Melbourne car hire packages at best price, up-to-date information, quality services and efficiency for all our visitors, at all times. Now the car hire services are just a few clicks away, at Aucar. Book a car with us today and get ready to explore the Yarraville with the great enjoyment and experience.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Get Best Services of Car Hire at Melbourne Airport

If you have recently reached at the airport and this is not the ending of your journey. You may want to consider cars hire at Melbourne airport to get your journey continued or if your destination may be far from the terminal. Several of the best car hire agents are recognized for the admirable services they offer so you might want to get services of one of them.

Make Your Decision Wise!

By having your personal car you will have the capability and flexibility to go at any place you want. Prior to doing this you are needed to sort out a few things and ensure that you are making a wise decision. You do not need to spend a big amount of money on just this single thing.

The type of motor vehicle you should prefer is the first matter you need to solve since it relies on what your necessities are. When you have a lot of people travelling with you, there will be an equal amount of luggage and in this case you want a big car. On the other hand, if it is just yourself you can prefer to rent a smaller vehicle with the intention that you can save both on the fuel cost and the hiring cost.

The size of the vehicle you select will decide how contented you are when an extended or long journey is concerned and there are a big number of populace. When you are with just yourself and all you have is a little amount of luggage to take then all you necessitate is a saloon car and you must be alright. This will reduce you fuel expense immensely.

Think about the amount of time you will necessitate the vehicle. As you keep yourself with the car more and more you will be raising the amount you have to disburse. If you get it back in a while than the agreed upon time and date there are fees which you will need to pay. But a before time return will not surely convert into a refund if this was not under the contract.

Ensure that you know precisely how long you will necessitate the vehicle for. By getting this done this you will also be competent to budget for the money of fuel you will use. Ensure that you fill out the tank yourself with the aim that you pay for what you consume and nothing else. It is a very significant procedure.

When you choose a car hire fromMelbourne Airport make sure you that are finely covered by insurance. The initial application procedure is quite easy and you can even perform it online. This should guard you in case of any kind of eventualities.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Reasons Why You Would Rent a Car

Are you planning to travel to a distant location for a business trip or vacation with the family? Why not rent a car? Many people travel to places with friends or family while others go for business trips. Even if you are new to a place, riding a car or taking public transport service cannot provide you enough flexibility as you get by hiring a car. Car Rental near Vermont is offering many cheap, affordable and even luxurious cars for rent. Renting a car is the best option mainly because of below reasons. 
  • More convenience – Having your own vehicle in a new city gives you the luxury to roam around freely as per your own convenience. You don’t have to wait for cabs, buses or commute using the local transport since you have your own rented car available. Basically you are not bounded by any schedule or timing. You can stay up late at a specific place in the city or roam around before early sunlight without any trouble. Even distant places and locations can be explored with your own rented car. You can explore as much as you want without any trouble of finding your ride back to hotel.
  • Experience comfort and luxury – Travelling in your rented car gives you comfort. Car rental services provide you different options like compact or heavy SUV’s that you can hire for rent. You get to choose any comfortable vehicle option that suits your driving style and comfort. It gives you luxury, style and comfort which is not possible otherwise.
  • Saves money- Yes, it is true. Renting a car can be a cheap and cost effective strategy compared to taking your own vehicle. Different options of cars are available to select. If you want to save money, you can choose a car that fits your budget.
  • Travel worry free- travelling with rented car gives you the liberty to roam around without worrying about the condition of the rented vehicle. Since you don’t have to pay for the maintenance or repair of a rented car, you can easily save more money by simply paying the rent amount.
  • Explore more – Many people fail to explore different places as they have to be dependent on local transport facilities but with the help of a rented vehicle, you have the chance to explore every nook and corner of the city without worrying about time or schedule.
  • Drive along with friends and family- Nothing can be more fun than driving along with your family and friends in a car. However taking your own car to every place may not always be possible but if you have an option to rent a vehicle. This way you can easily have more fun in the new city with your car in hand and having fun with your friends or family. Explore beautiful places, city, culture and tradition in your rented car. 
Going by the reasons mentioned above, clearly renting a car is an economical, reliable and comfortable option. If you are looking to travel in Melbourne or searching for reliable Car Rental near Vermont, then you can hire car rental services from Aucar (aucar.com.au). Book your car today and get the best car rental services.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Explore The Places Without Depending On Anyone

A trip to any place is just incomplete without exploring the place and to explore any place, it is important to have a conveyance. There are many places in Maribyrnong where you can hire cars.  They offer various cars according to your requirement and they make sure that these companies offer you the best cars at a minimum rental. If you love to drive, then you should definitely rent a car and explore the places nearby. It is convenient and you do not even have to worry about anything. Just carry a map along and explore the beauty around you, without depending on anyone.

Types of Cars available

Now that you can hire car in Maribyrnong, you should also know the kinds of cars the place offers. There are varieties of cars that are given for rental basis. From a regular economy car to a luxury car you can find everything here. There are many packages available that you can select according to your requirements. Few of the cars that are you can hire in Maribyrnong are Hyundai i20, Chrysler 300C, and many more options from which you can select the ones you like.

Things to consider while hiring a car

There are many things, that one should consider while you hire a car in Maribyrnong. The most common thing to do before hiring a car is to check for any defaults, and inform the person so as to avoid later complications. The other things to keep in mind are the insurance. Never buy insurance, as your own insurance will cover that for you. Always keep these things in mind before hiring a car.


Hiring Car in Maribyrnong is a very simple task and it is also very convenient to hire a car rather than taking a taxi, especially if you love to drive and you are an explorer. There are many kinds of cars available and you can chose the one you like.